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How we became the company that fosters style for the urban coffee person

our story
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Caffina Coffee is family-owned and operated. Partners Ahmad “Allen” Bakri and Mahmoud Sareini built Caffina Coffee from the ground up. Together with their families they have put their hearts and souls into each one-pound bag of coffee beans and into every cup of coffee they brew.

Our story begins in 1995 – a story not so different from many other entrepreneurs and dreamers. At the time, finding great tasting, fresh roasted coffee was surprisingly elusive. So, we decided to do something about it.

We didn’t set out to change the world, just a small corner of it. We opened our own coffeebar and retail store in Dearborn, Michigan. Roasting our coffee in-store, with equipment that was more antique than state-of-the-art, we honed our craft, seeking nothing less than perfection in every aspect of the experience.

Fast forward 22 years, and Caffina Coffee still holds true to the values that have inspired us since day one. We’ve grown, we’ve evolved, but we certainly haven’t changed. We believe coffee in all its forms—whole bean, brewed, and espresso—should be an approachable, accessible luxury. Our goal is to make our coffee a memorable addition to any experience, and to make the act of preparing and enjoying a cup of our coffee an experience in and of itself.

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